Letter from Amber


This is a letter Noah’s Mother recieved from a beautiful young lady that was our first Noah’s Rainbow donation recipient. She describes exactly why we created Noah’s Rainbow to continue what Noah started.

I know we haven’t met yet, but you’ve already impacted my entire family’s lives, in a very large way. you showed us the true meaning of of helping a neighbor in a time of need. you’ve opened my eyes to see that a neighbor isn’t someone you live next to, someone in your same community, or even someone you see frequently. A neighbor is any child of God…and every single one of us need a little help sometimes.
It’s people like you, who everyone would completely understand and support if you were to fall and stay down for awhile because of what you’ve lost, but instead you’ve chosen to never let Noah be forgotten by helping out strangers, like me. you are a woman so willing to relieve some of the heartache and struggles from other people when you’ve gone through so much yourself.
The card and package I received from you while I was in the hospital is what it took to turn my entire attitude and perspective around. you see, while hearing your experiences and struggles, and then seeing how you’ve responded to them has given me the hope that I can make a difference in somebody’s life through my tough journey.
While I have no cure and my disease has progressed faster than doctors thought it would, I’ve truly been inspired by you. Although I will never have the chance to meet Noah, he has a very large space in my heart; along with you and the rest of your family. I can tell the type of person he was through you and the foundation in his honor. What a lucky little man to have had such wonderful parents; and feel blessed to have had a son who was capable of impacting many lives.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers. There isn’t a day that I don’t think of how simple things do make a difference and I’m reminded of how truly wonderful people are. You’ve chosen to take your devestating tragedy and turn it into a legacy that will never be forgotten.
I’m forever grateful to have crossed paths with you. Being able to communicate with a family who has been through the struggles of a chronic illness and realizes how precious moments really are has been comforting.
“You are not alone” I’ve heard those words a thousand times, but hearing them from you, from people who have really been there, makes those words come to life.
Thank you, from the bootom of my heart. Thinking of you always and reminded of your inspiring ways on even the darkest days.