Tammy Yamilkoski


I live in Toddville, IA with my husband, Andrew, and our two children –Jazmine and Aidan. I love spending time with my family and friends. Most of our free time is spent watching our kids play volleyball and basketball. I also enjoy fishing with my husband and actually “playing” with my kids. We play volleyball, basketball, flag football, ride our four wheelers and swim in our pond all summer long.

In addition to having lots of fun with my family, I have fun at my work! I have worked for Farmers State Bank since 2010. I love my job and I love the people I work for. I feel fortunate every day.

I am passionate about Noah’s Rainbow for so many reasons. The number one reason is because it creates an opportunity for families who are dealing with the biggest fears they will ever have to face to have extra blessings in their life through a Make-a-Wish trip, some extra money to pay bills, or etc at a time when they maybe don’t feel so blessed. If Noah’s Rainbow can lift their burden even a little through a special family trip or financial assistance-everyone’s spirit gets lifted.